THE CLIENT, by consenting to any of the contracts that are perfected when carrying out transactions in MORELIFESTORE.COM, declares under the gravity of oath, that their income comes from lawful activities, that there is no negative record in lists of prevention of money laundering national or international, which is not within one of the two categories of money laundering (conversion or movement) and which consequently is obliged to respond to MORE LIFE GROUP SAS for all damages that may be caused as a consequence of this statement. In the same sense, it will respond to third parties. It also declares that its conduct is in accordance with the law and ethics and, consequently, it is obliged to implement measures to prevent its operations from being used with or without its consent and knowledge as instruments for concealment, management, investment or use in any form of money or other assets from criminal activities, or to give the appearance of legality to these activities. In the same sense, it undertakes to act within the legal framework in force in Colombia, complying with all the procedures, formalities and obligations contemplated in the Law and other pertinent regulations and that any evidence that these principles are not met or may be in The interdict will be sufficient grounds to resolve, at the discretion of the Party, the Contract that results from its acceptance.


It is not responsible for the damages or losses derived from the misuse of the information on the page, as the User understands and accepts that access to this tool, as well as the use that may be made of the services and information contained therein, are the sole responsibility of the user who performs them.

You may make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications to the presentation and configuration of the page, as well as its contents and services.

It will not be liable for errors or omissions related to information that is not of its own, nor for any damages that may be caused as a result of the use of said information. It should also be noted that although this is a safe site, it is not free of errors and consequently the general information, as well as the characteristics of the advertised products and prices, may vary due to human and technological errors, manipulation by unauthorized third parties. , virus or any event of invasion or technological manipulation.

It has the possibility of obtaining magnetic records in order to have proof of the operations and / or transactions carried out by the user.

The possibility of subsequent verifications of any transaction executed by the user is reserved, as well as requesting confirmation of the transaction by the user. In addition, MORE LIFE GROUP SAS is able to reject purchases made by the client, either partially or totally, of any offer that is presented on the page. In this case, the customer will be awarded the money corresponding to the value of the rejected transaction.


The user must handle his account with complete confidentiality, as well as any other identification number or password of the User, regardless of whether these have been provided by MORE LIFE GROUP SAS or selected by the User. All activities carried out with your account such as: exchanges, inquiries, requests and other activities; will be your sole responsibility. Therefore, whether or not the client has an account on the MORE LIFE GROUP SAS page, it is necessary that they have electronic security devices and adopt the necessary measures that prevent, among others: the impersonation of the person, the use of your information by third parties, fraud, intrusions, viruses, spies and the like. In addition, through these security devices the identity of the user can be verified.


The intellectual property rights of the page are owned by MORE LIFE GROUP SAS. The total or partial disclosure, reproduction, distribution or public communication of any part of this tool is strictly prohibited without the prior written authorization of MORE LIFE GROUP SAS. The content that is presented on the page, understood as the informative, photographic, multimedia and advertising material, is the exclusive property of MORE LIFE GROUP SAS, the use of the information contained in it only corresponds to MORE LIFE GROUP SAS or to third parties expressly authorized to do so. Unauthorized persons must refrain from extracting or reusing such information. MORE LIFE GROUP SAS has the right to refuse the user’s entry to the page. The User understands that no type of credit approval is carried out in this tool.


MORE LIFE GROUP SAS will under no circumstances and in no way be responsible for the content that users may incorporate into this tool. At no time does it guarantee the accuracy, veracity, reliability or updating of the information included in this tool. It does not assume any responsibility for not receiving timely notification from the user in the event of a violation of the personal information in their account. Note: For more information, consult the consumer statute, Law 1480.


Conditions for exchanges and guarantees:

1.Each garment leaves the factory after a rigorous quality check. Therefore, the client must check very well both the appropriate size and the quality of the garment at the time of receipt to detect any imperfect and if it is necessary to make the respective claim within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of receipt. invoice date.

2. Although to grant the guarantee it is not essential to present the invoice, it is recommended to keep a copy of it or at least be clear about the date of purchase, the owner of the purchase and the amount paid. Claims will only be resolved related to defects in the fabrics, supplies or the manufacture of the garment itself, which are not directly related to the MISUSE of the garment by the consumer or for not having rigorously followed the care instructions and washing, which will be evaluated in the first instance by our quality department and if a more exhaustive review is necessary, they will be sent to the factories of our suppliers for the evaluation of the problem in their quality laboratories.

3. Claims are not accepted for “outlet or promotional” garments sold at discounted prices due to any defect or deterioration, which the customer knows and accepts at the time of purchase.

4. For hygiene reasons, changes or returns of swimwear or underwear are not accepted, except when there are proven manufacturing defects.

5. The useful life of any product depends on the particular use made of it, the conditions of use and the natural wear patterns characteristic of each garment, which do not necessarily depend on a period of time or the number of times used.

6. Products damaged by normal wear and tear or that have exceeded the reasonable useful life of the product, such as swimsuits or bathing suits, which due to the action of chlorine in swimming pools or swimming pools, will not be changed or replaced. from the sea water suffers an inevitable wear in the short term, or in the case of cycling leggings that, due to the constant and prolonged friction with the seat or bicycle saddle, becomes “motorcycling” to a greater or lesser extent depending on the great variety of types of used saddle, some with very rough surfaces that accelerate the wear of the lycra.

7. Likewise, cotton garments can suffer deformations after several washes due to the natural wear of the cotton fibers, for which the collars could expand a little and specks could appear as a result of friction with other surfaces during the wash.

Procedure for changes and guarantees:

1. If the causal link between the reason for the claim and a manufacturing defect and not due to misuse or natural deterioration is really evident, you can contact the customer service department on the phone +57 7 6369941 or via whatsapp + 57 301 277 1013.

2. The customer service department will indicate the steps to follow and the address to send the garment, which must be perfectly clean. This freight will initially be covered by the customer, but once the claim has been validated as a factory defect, the company will proceed to reimburse the freight and change the garment or, failing that, the full refund of the money paid by her, within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days.

3. If necessary, the quality department of the company could send the garment directly to the supplier’s factory, to carry out pertinent laboratory tests and determine if there really is a relationship between the claim and a manufacturing defect.

4. In the event that the quality department of the company or one of the factories of our suppliers determines that the defect is due to the improper use of the garment or its natural deterioration, the customer will be informed and the original garment will be returned through the modality of freight against delivery.


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